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"I have been working with Janet for over 2 years.  The insights I receive from my sessions with her are profound.  Most recently, we have been working to clear ancestral patterns.  By understanding these patterns I can transform them from stumbling blocks to empowered actions and have a clear understanding of what path to take.  The information that I get from these sessions has led to important breakthroughs.  For me, each session is different.  Can best describe it like a deep meditation- sometimes I fall asleep!  I do come in with a list of things that have been brought into my awareness that need healing/clearing.  Janet discusses each one with me and most of the time says, "Let's see what comes up!"  She is very focused on healing whatever issues you bring forward.  She is a wonderful listener and I feel like I can talk to her about anything!  What I most appreciate about Janet is that she is very down-to-Earth and honest with me about the information she gleans.  One of my favorite people!  I highly recommend her- she is a rare gem"  --Gail 

"Like so many others covid hit me hard.  Unlike most, it decided to settle in my gut and didn't want to let go.  Over two months later and I was still uncomfortable and struggling both physically and mentally.  As much as I tried to relax and clear my head it just wasn't happening.  That is when Janet stepped in.  I reached out to briefly let her know what I was going through and thankfully she made time in her schedule to fit me in.  I have worked with several healing modalities in the past and let me tell you Janet is "spot on."  Her message was later confirmed by my physician.  She helped me to clear my head, reduce my stress load and just made me feel over all better.  I can't begin to thank her enough!  We can all use a little help these days.  My suggestion:  give Janet's energy healing a try, you won't regret it!"  --JR

"My experience with EnergyTouch® healing has made me realize a couple of things.  I realize that the person I want to be or should be is based on my own "inner compass", and am not guided by anyone else's perceptions of me.  As a result, I believe I am more in control of my decisions and feel more grounded.  Also, I feel more calm even at the most stressful moments in my life.  I attribute this positive transformation to that "inner compass", which reminds me to trust in my own intuition.  I also attribute it to the fact that I am guided by a higher power that will always point me in the right direction no matter how lost I feel."  ~~Katy

"My experience with EnergyTouch® was very powerful.  I felt that I came to understand that the worry I feel for my family takes up a lot of space in my mind and body.  Recognizing that helped me to be open to the opportunities that came my way to help those in my family.  I am still working at being more present but the experience of the session gave me new perspective overall.  I came to recognize and appreciate the small blessings in my life"   ~~ Patrice

"EnergyTouch® healing.....I have experienced just a few sessions of EnergyTouch® with Janet.  I seem to fall into a deep sleep and when I awake I feel relaxed and content.  **Joan

"My experiences with EnergyTouch® have given me very subtle results.  Now that I look back, I see the big picture.  Different aspects of my life have come together between the mind, the body and the soul. I feel more complete and whole.  I definitely feel more in tune with myself.  I know if I listen to myself and think positive thoughts I feel better physically and emotionally.  Thank you Janet and EnergyTouch® for this awareness.     ~~Diane

"I'm leaving tomorrow morning so I should be packing, not typing, but I wanted to share this with you.  I had the interior of my car detailed today.  I had stripped the car of a big pile of stuff - 3 yoga mats, props, and an emergency kit, pillows, etc., but left my mileage notebook and a pen in the glove box.  When I got my car back I looked in the trunk and there were my newly washed floor pats and 2 plastic bags.  The bags held all kinds of stuff I'd lost under the seats-11 more pens, change for parking meters, a dozen maps, 8 CD's, 1 cassette tape, and on and on the list goes.

Why am I telling you this?  Because I thought it was a good metaphor for clearing the field and how a healer sometimes finds things there.  Cars are often seen as extensions of ourselves, and the last time you worked on me my car was encrusted in a salty coat from the last storm.  I knew it felt bad to me even though it was on the exterior, and I got it washed.  But I decided I really wanted the inside cleared out as it would make me feel even better.  

Energy work is like that.  Bodywork can get to the exterior, but EnergyTouch® is like detailing the inside."  ~~Angela


"EnergyTouch® has healed so much of my heart and soul, during a very dark journey in my life.  As Janet has cleared my energy layers, I have felt more peace and God's presence.  She heals with God's power, removing anxiety, depression, and anger from my being. I have been taken to deep memories, and have relived them, experiencing an outpouring of emotion. EnergyTouch® has begun to restore my peace, acceptance and freedom.  Janet has opened the vortex of my heart and soul, to receive only God's love, healing and tenderness."  ~~ Katherine

..."it has gifted me with a renewed respect for my physical being.  A respect that has inspired gentleness, acceptance and gratitude.  I am aware now of the power of energy within me and around me.  An awareness that is both personally sacred and universally one. The treasure of the present moment has undoubtedly taught me the most about myself.  Janet through EnergyTouch® and your skillful and patient caring, has helped me live with less anxiety about the future, less worry over the past and greater appreciation for this moment...moment by moment.  For me, each of these experiences has a very spiritual significance.  With great humility I see God's hand in each renewal, awareness and treasure that has been bestowed.  There are Scriptural references for each of the experiences which anoints the process over and over again."   ~~Debbie

"I am a Catholic and my faith and spirituality are central to me.  I have always known that God in His greatness is constantly with me; a strong and powerful presence.  It was my participation in many sessions of energy work that I began to experience this truth of God in another dimension and I know it has changed me forever.  During many of these times I had some deeply personal experiences of not only the Lord's loving and compassionate presence but also the presence and protection of various saints and angels. I think it is safe to say that most people experience some degree of pain and suffering in a lifetime and I am certainly no exception.  Yet, it was through energy healing that I was deeply moved by the loving presence of those holy "unseen", supporting me and my afflictions.  Not only the Lord but His mother, the Virgin Mary and various other saints.  It filled me with an overwhelming sense of comfort, love, understanding and support and that in and of itself was miraculous.  The experience of energy healing was for me many things.  At 54 years old I have been living with the effects of a rather significant scoliosis as well as debilitating stenosis in the lumbar region of my spine.  Both of these conditions have a far reaching effect on my entire body which leaves me in varying degrees of pain while also impacting the quality of my life and contributing to many limitations. I did not experience a miraculous straightening of my spine but I did experience empowerment through the fact that I know I am supported in the most powerful and intimate way.  Surgical intervention has been strongly suggested to me by several doctors and I know now that if I choose this option that I can proceed courageously and confidently.  Thank you Janet for responding to your very special charism of Healing."    ~~Mary


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