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EnergyTouch Practitioner (ETP)

Services and Rates

EnergyTouch® sessions are done in a quiet comfortable setting, with the client fully clothed while resting comfortably.  A typical session will last 90 minutes which includes time available before and after the session to review health history, and set intention for the healing.  

EnergyTouch® distance sessions are done by connecting via phone or zoom to start the session.  Ample time is allowed to review health history, answer questions, and set intention for the healing.    Clients will then find a quiet, comfortable place to rest during the session.  After we will connect via phone to talk about the experience and answer any remaining questions.  

Standard Sessions: Address Issues that Include but are not Limited to:

General Well Being

Adrenal Fatigue




Bronchial Issues

Cancer Treatment Side-Effects and Support during treatment

Cardiac Health and Recovery support


Diabetes, Pre-Diabetic

Digestive Issues

Emotional Unrest 

Endocrine Health and Balance


Heavy Metal Detoxification Support

Joint Inflammation- Arthritis, RA

Macular Degeneration and Eye Health

Men's Health

 Pain Management

Pre and/or Post -op Surgical Support

Respiratory Issues

Sleep Issues

Spiritual Awareness

Support through times of Traumatic Life Events

Thyroid and Auto-Immune Health

Women's Health 

Specialty Sessions:  Due to the longer duration of  a specialty session (typically 120 minutes), call or e-mail for availability and rates:  

Specialty sessions requests will only be scheduled following an initial phone consultation or by referral.

Autism (Motor Skills) 

Autism (Language and Communication)

Bipolar Disorder

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

 Intra Surgical Support  


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EnergyTouch® Session $150.00 / 90 minutes
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