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People ask me how I became interested in "energy work"  the answer comes easy, I experienced it!   I had migraine headaches most of my life and had one on the day of a scheduled  MD appointment .   I was asked if I was open to experiencing EnergyTouch®. Once I said "Yes" , I began to immediately feel a relaxing sensation.  I left that first session headache free.  My curiosity was peaked since I did not take any medications for the headache....how could  EnergyTouch® bring me relief without the practitioner physically touching me?  

My next experience was in 2003 when I had a surgical procedure.  I was again offered EnergyTouch® to complement the procedure.  My experience included, noticeable shortened recovery time without lingering side-effects, and an overall sense of peacefulness.  I was impressed by how EnergyTouch® worked to complement traditional medical care.     

"Re-remembering wellness"  embodies what I do as an EnergyTouch® Practitioner.  I can guide you through your journey "IN" to connect to your  own  innate wisdom. 


  • Certified EnergyTouch® Practitioner having completed 3 years training at The EnergyTouch® School of Advanced Healing, Grand Rapids, MI (www.energytouchschool.com).  
  • Completed  Level 4 Graduate Studies Program (s)  at The EnergyTouch® School of Advanced Healing, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Professional member in good standing of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals
  • Business License Certificate, Village of Inverness, Illinois
  • Registered LLC, State of Illinois



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